The Lion of Judah Church - Pastor: Cristoforo Padula      Cantor:Judith Bassett
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Pastor Cristoforo Padula
The Lion of Judah Non-Denominational Church
                1260 Maryland Avenue                               [Western Entrance],Suite 102       
      Hagerstown,MD 21740
Phone: (240) 625-7436
                                    Fax: [240) 607-8949

                     SATURDAY  7 PM  Starts  - 19 Jan                 WEDNESDAY  7 PM  Starts   - 16 Jan 


"He went out of his way to make us feel comfortable with the whole wedding ceremony and he had no problems or judgments when we asked if it was possible to eliminate the word God from the ceremony."
"His words were very touching. He definitely accepted the ceremony the way WE wanted it. There were a few unexpected things Cristoforo added. He's and added words in Italian, which made my family very happy. In addition to that, he provided us with a custom wedding certificate."
"He also came with his own equipment (mic/speakers). Prior to the he provided a fantastic counseling session for us. We aren't religious people, so we wanted our wedding to be free of any religious references. Cristoforo did the ceremony to include what we wanted, but in a way that included everyone."
"A wedding guest commented: It was the best wedding I've ever been to... from the ceremony to the food, everything."
                                      --- Joseph D.
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